A Dovahzul Christmas 2019

Drem yol lok! Hey there! Just like last year, I am going to present five more Christmas Songs written in Dovahzul for your listening pleasure! I will be heading the project , and I think there are two individuals who are willing to help this year. It was fun to do last year, and I think this year will be even better!

Here Are The Deets…

  • Five Christmas songs written entirely in Dovahzul
  • Parodies or close translations to the originals
  • Designed to sound like a an informal gathering of friends singing songs during the Holidays. The singing doesn’t have to be perfect, but only reflect a warm atmosphere.

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Last Year’s Songs

(Two vocal/instrumental and three lyric contributors)

Translation Examples

For example, last year we had a Dovahzul version of the song “Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, but with Odahviing (dragon in Skyrim game) instead. The title became “Odahviing Sahqo Dovah” (Odahviing The Red Dragon — close enough for part of his coloration in-game) For “What Child Is This?”, we did a more direct translation, replacing some words that didn’t have a word-for-word Dovahzul translation. The title became “Ond Daar Kiir Het” (Behold This Child Here).

Translations, writing

Story Showcase Translation

Here’s the English Translation below. As I wrote the story in Dovahzul first, let’s see how the meanings translate. Keep in mind that “worm” is really the only word I had to work with for describing insects; also, it’s not a particularly good story…

Lord of Worms

I did see it as it rested. Small, but its body was better than many worms with wings. I didn’t want to shake my weapon wielded for cutting the grass here at my house. For some time I concentrated on those wings that to the eye may be weak but .. this great body — such wings truly were strong. And.. I remember that this animal was as a worm eats smaller worms with its fierce jaw. Any worms would not want death by such beautiful dragon-worm — great king or champion of small worms. After some time it raised and I focused on it as it flew here and there to hunt worms. I expected not to see him kill but destiny was my friend this day. With skill it flew forward to the doomed worm who rested on the grass. This worm tried to flee from this skillful hunter. Even before the small worm flew from the blade of grass where it rested, it was trapped by the fierce dragon-worm’s jaw. The great dragon-worm then returned with the doomed worm to my weapon for its meal. My eyes couldn’t do anything but focus on the ferocious tearing of wings from the small worm. Wing was eaten and then wing was torn and eaten. After this the last of the body of the doomed worm was lost into the jaw of the dragon-worm. All ended. Truly these worms were small to me but I couldn’t but shake at this fierce deed.

“Fool Brother, here you are!” Upon hearing of these unexpected words I couldn’t keep my hand on the weapon and it fell. The dragon-worm raised and flew but waited briefly and flew here and there in expected anger.

“Haha! See you anything, Small Brother?” He saw well the dragon-worm. “Oooh, Mom tells you to help and you only are disobeying and focusing as a fool on trees and animals and .. this…” With long attack his hand met the dragon-worm and it fell to the grass. I truly knew that he would break it as it lay on the soil.

“Brother! Don’t kill this!” I told as I hit him with my hands from the dragon-worm. With my hands I grabbed the dying dragon-worm to shield it. I then raised it before my face to see any wounds. Before I stood before the face of my brother, a sting hit my hand and I cried with pain. My hands opened and the dragon-worm flew from them with strength.

“Good sting for a fool!” scorned my brother, but not before long time the dragon-worm flew to him as whirlwind of anger. My brother shook his hand to strike only to be struck by the sting of the dragon-worm.

“Gahh!” cried he as he shook his hand. “Now I truly will kill you!” This not to be as both we couldn’t stand. By some serpent our bodies were like statues. At last my eyes and mind became weak and I saw nothing and knew not the touch of anything but black…

“Rise, Young One, rise!” At these words even the air shook with all my bones. Such words were like they of one ancient lord or elder. My eyes opened after a great attempt and then I knew I was not on the grass and far from my house. With my head even now on the earth, I couldn’t see much, and all my body down from the head was in great pain, as from some sting of the mouth — like a great animal strike from down from my head. I attempted to rise, truly by the command of an unknown voice. With hands to the soil for rising I stood. I stood .. and then I saw. Before me was .. was .. Unknowable! Incomprehensible! My mind couldn’t grasp this before my eyes. Black and blue tied on all its body that was like a dark mirror, from head to the last of the flesh. Shining bewitching, such great wings. The wings shone with rich red, gold, green, and ice. Body and .. jaws .. monster? dragon?

“Young One!”

Both my body and my mind shook into fear. My body attempted to be at peace but couldn’t. The shaking couldn’t end. Even with all this I stood. Force of the voice commanded me and then declined some to mercy.

“It is seen that Young One here. Even at this time. Truly this meeting is good, yes? One before me may be doomed but by deed of mercy before this time.”

Nothing, no words from me. Not for talking. Words couldn’t come forth. I couldn’t but only focus with fear on the glory of great eyes, for my head was small and no rival his. This monster rested with great and long bone fingers — sharp where it met and buried into the soil. Such eyes where I was lost into, but this focus was broken after I heard great breath force from his jaw. Truly it was the truth…

“Can’t be!” came from my mouth in small breath. With a shine in his eyes and through all his body, he said,

“It is seen that Young One found the truth and sees, yes? We are not only legend. Dragons are here.”


Story Showcase #2

After a month of procrastination, I’ve finally completed a short story. My original goal was to complete this in August, but life happens. Also, I didn’t really know how to complete it. I wanted to keep it short (500 words was the goal), and I had an idea ready, but it was more suited to a longer word count. I eventually decided on the following story, which could be a cool intro to a much larger story…

Drog Do Lirre

Zu’u drey koraav nii ol nii praal. Mal, nuz kopraanii pruzaan pogaas lirre voth viingge. Zu’u ni laan wah motaad zuni kod fah vey fin veydo het ahst hofkahi. Fah osos tiid zu’u morah nau daar viingge tol wah miin aal kos sahlo nuz .. daar lot kopraan — grik viingge vahzah los mul. Ahrk..  Zu’u dahmaan tol daar raan med lir naak mal raanne voth norok jotii. Naan lirre ni laan dinok naal grik brit dovah-lir — lot jun uv kaal do mal lirre. Mindin osos tiid nii alok ahrk zu’u morah nau nii ol nii bo het ahrk til wah nir lirre. Prodah ni koraav rok krii nuz dez lost fahdoni daar sul. Voth dun nii bo amativ wah daanik lir wo praal nau fin veydo. Daar lir unt filok nol daar ah voth dun. Orin us mal lir bo nol tuzseveydo kolos nii praal, nii lost horvut naal norok dovah-lir jot. Lot dovah-lir ruz daal voth daanik lir wah zuni fah kipraani. Dii miinne nis dreh naan nuz morah nau fin fel vaaz do viingge nol fin mal lir. Viing lost naako ahrk ruz viing lost vaazaan ahrk naako. Mindin daar fin laat do kopraan do daanik lir lost sizaan kotin jot do dovah-lir. Pah oblaan. Vahzah daar lirre lost mal wah zu’u nuz zu’u nis nuz motaad ahst daar norok sod.

“Mey Zeymah, het hi los!” Ahst hon do daar voprodah rotte zu’u nis dein haali nau zun ahrk nii mah. Dovah-lir alok ahrk bo nuz saraan maltiid ahrk bo het ahrk til ko prodah rahgron.

“Haha! Koraav hi naan, Mal Zeymah?” Rok pruzah koraav fin dovah-lir. “Oooh, Monah fun hi ahmik ahrk hi nunon Los vothaarn ahrk morah med mey nau reyth raan ahrk .. daar…“ Voth lingrah nos haalii grind fin dovah-lir ahrk nii mah nossan wah veydo. Zu’u vahzah mindok tol rok fen kreh nii ol nii praal nau denek.

“Zeymah! Ni krii daar!” Zu’u fun ol zu’u nos rok voth dii haalle nol fin dovah-lir. Voth dii haalle zu’u haalvut fin viir dovah-lir fah spaan nii. Zu’u ruz alok nii us lufti wah koraav naan ahraanne. Us zu’u kriist us luft se zeymahi, nin nos haali ahrk zu’u rein voth faaz. Dii haalle bex ahrk dovah-lir bo nol niin voth mul.

“Pruzah nin fah mey!” beyn zeymahi, nuz ni us lingrah tiid dovah-lir bo wah rok med wuldserahgot. Zeymahi motaad haalii wah nos nunon wah kos nosaan naal nin do fin dovah-lir.

“Gahh!” zaan rok ol rok motaad haalii. “Nu zu’u vahzah fen krii hi!” Daar ni wah kos ol ney mu nis kriist. Naal osos vith un kopranne lost med nusse. Ahst laat dii miinne ahrk hahdrimi meyz sahlo ahrk zu’u koraav nid ahrk mindok ni qalos do naan nuz ved…

“Alok, Goraan, alok!” Ahst daar rotte orin fin su motaad voth pah dii qethhe. Grik rotte med nust do gein kruziik drog uv kinbok. Dii miinne bex mindin lot togaat ahrk ruz zu’u mindok zu’u ni lost nau fin veydo ahrk gut nol hofkahi. Voth klovi orin nu nau gol, zu’u nis koraav pogaas, ahrk pah kopraani tum nol klov lost ko lot faaz, med nol osos ninsejot — med lot raan nos nol tum nol klovi. Zu’u togaat wah alok, vahzah naal uth do vomindok zul. Voth haalle wah denek fah alok zu’u kriist. Zu’u kriist .. ahrk ruz zu’u koraav. Us zu’u lost .. lost .. Vomindok! Vonmindoraan! Hahdrimi nis haalvut daar us dii miinne. Ved ahrk bii gro nau pah kopraanii tol Los med vul fiik, nol klov wah laat do slen. Viintaas ensosin, grik lot viingge. Viingge viin voth faraan sahqo, yuvon, graag, ahrk iiz. Kopraan ahrk .. jot .. sunvaar? dovah?


Ney kopraani ahrk hahdrimi motaad kotin faas. Kopraani togaat wah kos drem nuz nis. Motaad nis oblaan. Orin voth pah daar zu’u kriist. Fus do fin zul uth zu’u ahrk ruz denos osos wah aaz.

“Koraavaan tol Goraan het. Orin ahst daar tiid. Vahzah daar grind los pruzah, geh? Gein us zu’u aal kos daanik nuz naal sodseaaz us daar tiid.”

Nid rotte nol zu’u. Nid fah tinvaak. Rotte nis bolaav. Zu’u nis nuz nunon morah voth faas nau moro do lot miinne, fah klovi lost mal ahrk ni ronit ok. Daar sunvaar praal voth lot ahrk lingrah qeth sinakke — kinzon kolos nii grind ahrk govey kotin denek. Grik miinne kolos zu’u lost sizaan kotin, nuz daar morah lost krent mindin zu’u hon lot su’um fus nol jotii. Vahzah nii lost fin vahzen… “Nis kos!” lost bolaavaan nol joti ko mal su’um. Voth viin ko ok miinne ahrk zeim pah kopraanii, rok tinvaak, 

“Koraavaan Goraan siiv vahzen ahrk koraav, geh? Mu ni lost nunon zoor. Dovahhe los het.”

English …

Coming tomorrow. I gotta translate it. I had a goal to only write in Dovahzul, and to try to think about the story in terms of Dovahzul vocabulary. I think I was successful, though obviously I think in English. At least I was able to just write down everything in Dovahzul, and that means I get to translate everything into English.

Lessons, Translations

Words Bound Together

If we know that “gron” means “bind” and “gro” means “bound”, then let’s see what words we can use, starting with words similar in meaning to how gro (bound) is used in-game. As a reminder, in-game Alduin is resurrecting long-dead dragon bones and saying that they’re bound to him forever. That type of binding is “tying something together“. The speaks of rope or perhaps chains — leash, definitely. We can think about it literally (rope) or figuratively (family ties). Let’s start with literal, first.

Looking through the Thesaurus entries for “bind”, I think I’ve concluded that all you need to provide is “gron” and the context to show what’s being bound to what. For examples, Attach, connect, tether, link would just be “gron”. But, for “Tie up, shackle”, you could use “gron haalle do … ” (bind hands of…). It could be tricky if you’re trying to convey being shackled by “chains”, you’d have to somehow describe (or at least imply) chains. You could imply chains with “dwiin” (steel). For example, “He was bound to the rock by chains” could be “Rock lost gro wah fin golz naal dwiin”.

For more symbolic use of “bind”, I’d say just follow the same pattern as before. “They’re bound by friendship” could be “Nust lost gro ol fahdonne” (They are bound as friends).

“-Bound” Suffix

Dovahzul features the use of the apostrophe to bind words together. For example, “Rek-Grohiik” (she-wolf) and “Bein-Su” (foul-air). If you wanted to convey “Earthbound“, you could say “Gol-gro” (earth-bound) as a shortened form of “gro wah gol” (bound to the earth).


Word Highlight – Gro, Gron

Now that Summer is over — finally — we can get back to school with new word highlights. Let’s start with their official definitions.

Gro – Bound

Sahloknir! Ziil gro dovah ulse! (Your spirit bound (to) me(dragon) for eternity)

Alduin, to Sahloknir near Kynesgrove

Gron – Bind


Become Ethereal Shout

… Azaran faal Munax, wo unt wah Gron krilot dilon … (… Azaran the Cruel, who tried to bind valiant dead … )

“Gron” Word Wall (Become Ethereal Shout)

Take note, no official part of speech is given in the words themselves. Therefore, we have to use the context we’re given to figure out how to use them.

Established Meanings

Ziil Gro Dovah Ulse: In English, we have, literally translated, “Your spirit bound (given by dictionary) dragon for eternity”. From the context, we know Alduin has raised up Sahloknir, a long-dead dragon who was previously just bones.

Note: “Dovah” is translated as “me”? because in the dialog file, there are developer notes that list the translation as “Your soul is bound to me for eternity”. All that to say, gro is used either as an action “to be bound” or identifying something as being bound.

GRON: The Word Wall makes it clear that “wah gron” is a verb that means “to bind”. Let’s See what words we can make with this…